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Two Bola88 Pearls




Many of my columns have a single overarching theme, but not this one. No, this time you’re going to get two pearls of wisdom for the price of one. If you are violating either of these principles and will just internalize one of them, you will instantly become a better poker player; that’s how powerful these nuggets are. Furthermore, they are applicable to all forms of poker, at all times, in any sort of game. OK, enough rhetoric, let’s get to our two-course meal:


One: Don’t teach at the table. This rule should be known as “Cooke’s Law,” because Card Player columnist Roy Cooke is famous for saying, “Lessons are always next Tuesday.” And he’s right. There are two common violations of Cooke’s Law that I see, and they’re both unconscionable. The first is literally giving lessons at the table, and usually involves the student beating the teacher out of a pot. “Do you realize that you had only two outs on the turn? I mean, did you think your pair of fours was good with a board of K-K-10-9 and me betting all the way?” Why do people say these things? Suppose you had A-K, had raised before the flop, and had bet at every opportunity. Do you want the person with pocket fours to fold on the turn, when you had about 96 percent equity in every dollar that went in on that street? Do you want him to become a better player and fold when he should? And besides, this ignores the fact that it’s bad poker and bad manners to berate another player at the Bola88 table.


The other common violation of Cooke’s Law is, alas, becoming more common. It involves two or more players discussing strategy at the table. …