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The High Stakes Rail: 3/8/10 – 3/14/10


Isildur1 is back and making his presence felt rather quickly on the high stakes tables. This last week was no exception. Playing the action-packed game of pot-limit Omaha with nosebleed players such as durrrr and Urindanger was the perfect recipe for huge pots. This week we examine three of those pots; all pots were greater than $400,000! All of these pots were played at Full Tilt crypto gambling $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha tables.

Last week’s largest hand involved, of course, Isildur1. At a six-handed table, Brian Townsend folded under-the gun and SxMxF limped in middle position. OMGClayAiken limped behind him only to have Isildur1 raise to $3,900 from the button with AdQcJc9s. Durrrr folded from the small blind and Urindanger called from the big blind with JdTs9d8c. SxMxF followed along and called the $3,900 bet as did OMGClayAiken. The flop was Td8s5h with a $15,900 pot. The action was checked to Isildur1 who bet $16,500 with his wrap. Urindanger check-raised to $66,000 with his two-pair, open-ended straight draw, and backdoor crypto gambling flush draw. Both SxMxF anf OMGClayAiken folded. Isildur1 reraised to $214,500 and Urindanger went all-in with the best hand. The pot was a huge $530,656 entering the turn. Neither the 5c turn nor the 4d river helped Isildur1 and Urindanger shipped the largest pot of last week.

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Last week’s second largest pot involved a similar cast of characters. Durrrr folded under-the-gun while OMGClayAiken raised to $2,400 in middle position with KsKcQcTh. Urindanger, LarsLuzak, and Ziigmund all folded to Isildur1 in the big blind. Isildur1 three-bet OMGClayAiken to $8,100 with AhAc5cAd but OMGClayAiken fired back with a $25,200 raise of his own. Isildur1 and his monster hand fired back a $76,500 raise to which OMGClayAiken called in position. The flop came out Jh8d4c giving both players an overpair. However, Isildur1 had the larger overpair while OMGClayAiken had a gutshot straight draw. The players got their stacks into the pot which was a whopping $464,036 entering the turn. The 5h on the turn added insult to injury giving Isildur1 a set. The river was a blank 2c and the pot was shipped Isildur1’s way.

Durrrr finally gets in the action in last week’s third largest pot. Under-the-gun, durrrr limped with Ah9h8d3c. Brian Townsend folded in the cutoff while LarLuzak and OMGClayAiken limped along with durrrr. Isildur1 broke up any ideas of a limped pot with a $4,200 raise from the big blind. All players joined in with the exception of LarsLuzak who folded on the button. The flop was JdTd6h giving Tom Dwan an open-ended straight draw. The flop was checked through and all four players saw the 3h turn. OMGClayAiken bet $13,200 into the $17,400 pot. Isildur1 and Urindanger flatted the bet. Durrrr, however, chose to raise to $84,000 with his open-ended straight draw and nut flush draw. OMGClayAiken shoved to $135,575 to which Isildur1 and durrrr called leaving $27,364 in durrrr’s stack. The 7d river dropped giving Dwan the straight; Isildur1 checked to Dwan. Dwan bet $27,394 into the $437,325 pot giving Isildur1 almost 16 to 1 odds. Isildur1 folded. Durrrr showed his straight and won the $437,325 pot.

The huge online pots will definitely continue as Isildur1 continues to donate to the poker’s elite. Make sure to look for this week’s action in next week’s installment of the High Stakes Rail!



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