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Prevention and treatment of acne in different parts of Raiders


Forehead: that poor blood circulation. May pressure larger, a bad temper.

Countermeasures: At the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, and ensure adequate rest, relax. Remember drink a lot of water.

Left cheek: It may be not very good liver function, liver secretion, detoxification, or a problem with hematopoietic function. Easy to feel fatigue and thirst.

Countermeasures: to maintain a normal schedule, ease of mind.

Right cheek: It may be a pulmonary dysfunction, or physical allergy easier. It may be a precursor cold.

Countermeasures: In usual, should pay attention to the maintenance of the respiratory tract. Avoid such as seafood easy to allergies food. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

Top of nose: It may be digestive system abnormalities.

Nosewing: more generally as a result of sebum secretion. May also be with ovarian function, or reproductive system.

Countermeasures: pores must be timely and clear dirt. A lot of healthy natural environment.

Lip around: may be constipation lead to accumulation of toxins.

Countermeasures: eat more fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and adjust eating habits.

Chin: usually caused by endocrine disorders. A few days before menstruation to acne regular fat in this location.

Countermeasures: less eat cold things, try to eat light foods.
Where acne come from in the end?
Autumn and winter at the junction of this year, many have not issued acne friends, also began to occur, and ferocious trend. This is why, of course, no definite conclusions. However, and multi-party as well as beauty editor dermatologist chatted, we all think the reason may be the right climate. First of all, autumn is the season acne frequent, as dry and hot. Secondly, the season is the turn of acne attack, because the temperature and humidity are changing dramatically. The most crucial is that this year’s winter is not cold!

Warm winter influence is enormous and affects all aspects of our lives, you give a few examples. Without lowering the temperature, causing the sebaceous gland secretion of the long-term vitality. Humidity of the instability, caused a decline in skin resistance. Air quality dropped, resulting in frequent breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the attack will not acne for no reason at all, but it is indeed inevitable, apart from emphasizing again and again, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable diet and lifestyle, but also very difficult to say how to completely avoid the issue.

Grow acne friends, whether it is one time, or a hundred times, feelings are the same.

The first is the “chaos”, found acne on depressed mood, and now the product can not use? Face to hard to wash, or wash away.

The second is the “squeeze”, in particular, will be out of the septic acne, the basic eight to ten individuals inside can squeeze.

The third is “anxious”, watched acne grow up slowly, but could do nothing about it.



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